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Sxray Ability
Sxray Raysolution (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. After years of honesty and trustworthiness and strict management, it has rapidly developed into a large professional X-ray company.Since its establishment in 2011, SXRAY and overseas R&D teams have provided products and services to the manufacturing industry through a network of technical sales representatives and distributors.
Core Technologies
Detection accuracy and multiple

The detection accuracy of X-RAY equipment can reach 1um, supports geometric magnification 400 times, and system magnification 2500 times.

Pointing speed and accuracy

The industry's leading speed, X-RAY counting machine counts four trays of SMT materials (CHIP 0201) 7-14S, with an accuracy rate of 99.99%.

Independent software development

Both X-RAY inspection software and X-RAY spotting software are independently researched and developed, and are designed to better meet user needs. The operation is simple and convenient!

Precision mechanical design

The precise mechanical design is equipped with micrometer-level adjustment set measurement technology, precision force and position measurement technology and equipment universal module design technology.

Motion control and visualization

X-RAY equipment adopts X-Y axis and 360° rotating stage for motion control, and visual interface navigation is more convenient for detection.

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